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Job Opportunities at Biharamulo District Council


Job Opportunities at Biharamulo District Council

Biharamulo is one of eight Districts in Kagera Region with an area of ​​5,627 square kilometers.

To the north the District is bordered by Muleba District and South Karagwe is bordered by Bukombe District and Kakonko District. and Lusahunga.

It also has seventeen wards with a total of 74 villages and 384 suburbs.

On the east it borders the new Chato District, on the west it borders Ngara District, on the North it borders Muleba and Karagwe Districts and on the South it borders Bukombe and Kakonko Districts.

The district is located 171 kilometers from the Kagera Regional headquarters. The district is located between 20 15 – 3015 degrees south of the equator and 310 – 320 east of the Standard Meridian.

The District is also located at an elevation of between 1135 – 1410 meters above sea level


Biharamulo District Council Vision “A strong and sustainable economy, an educated, prosperous and responsible society by 2020”


Biharamulo District Council’s direction to engage all communities and stakeholders in providing quality and sustainable social and economic services

To make the most of the opportunities available and to focus on the sustainable use of our resources on the basis of law and good governance

Job Opportunities at Biharamulo District Council


Deadline: 14th October 2021


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