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Job Vacancies at Ministry of Health Ajira Wizara ya Afya – 1650 Posts

Ministry of Health Ajira Wizara ya AfyaJob Vacancies At Wizara Ya Ardhi

Job Vacancies at Ministry of Health Ajira Wizara ya Afya – 1650 Posts

The President Of The United Republic Of Tanzania Issued A Notice On Assignment Of Ministerial Responsibilities (Instrument) Vide Government Notice No.144 Of 22nd April, 2016.

In That Instrument, The President Has Created A Ministry Of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly And Children Which Is Mandated For Formulation Of

The Ministry of Health has approved 1650 jobs for cadre specialists various Health Services who will be employed and assigned to work centers which are under the direct operation of the Ministry of Health.

This is a fulfillment of the promise made by the Sixth Phase Government headed by Mr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the Republic of the Union of Tanzania.

Approval of those 1650 vacancies from the Office of the President – SERVICE provides opportunities for professionals of various cadres in delivery centers services under direct operation to the Ministry of Health.

Applicant Qualifications | Sifa za Mwombaji

1. Be a citizen of Tanzania

2. Must be at least 18 years of age and not older than 45 years

3. He or she has never been employed by the Government and obtained a check number and if the applicant has been employed by the Government and obtained a Check Number, he or she will be required to comply with the Procedure for Transfer or Return to Public Service after resigning as specified in Circular No. CCB.228 / 271/01 dated 07 August, 2012.

4. Applicant should be qualified and professional in accordance with the Staff Development Circular No.. 1 of 2009 regarding cadres under the Ministry of Health as outlined above.

Ajira 1650 Wizara Ya Afya 2022
Ajira 1650 Wizara Ya Afya 2022

All applications should be accompanied by the following documents | Maombi yote yaambatishwe na nyaraka zifuatazo

1. Copy of birth certificate

2. Copy of Form Four / Six certificate

3. Copy of Professional Certificates (Certificates and Transcripts)

4. Copy of Full Registration Certificate

5. Applicants who have studied abroad should be accredited by Accreditation from the Tanzania Colleges and Universities Commission (TCU).

6. Internship Training Certificate

7. Personal Information (CV)

8. Recent passport size photo

Additional information to consider | Maelezo ya ziada kuzingatia

1. Selected applicants will be assigned to work in areas with severe staff shortages. So you will have to choose the area in which you would like to be assigned if you are to succeed in getting that position; In addition, there will be no change of channel once you get the opportunity

2. Copies of all Certificates should be certified by the Court or Advocate

3. Applicants who volunteer in the various regions should attach a letter of identification from the Chief Physician / Commissioner of the relevant Authority.

4. All applications should be sent online via the electronic system available through the following address ajira.moh.go.tz

5. Any applications submitted by post or delivered directly to the office will not be processed.

6. The deadline for applications is April 29, 2022 at 9.30 PM.

Kwa maelezo zaidi jinsi ya kutumia mfumo huu pakua maelezo haya Instructions on how to Apply?


[pdf-embedder url=”https://dukarahisi.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/instructions.pdf”]


i. Selected applicants will be assigned to work locally with a severe shortage of Health Care experts, and there will be no change of work center within  three (3) years.

These areas are as follows; Referral Hospitals Regions;

  • Kigoma;
  • Katavi;
  • Sumbawanga;
  • Songwe;
  • Njombe;
  • Consent;
  • Mtwara;
  • Lindi;
  • Simiyu;
  • Geita;
  • Shinyanga;
  • Tabora;
  • Singida;
  • Shame;
  • Mara Regional, Chato and Mtwara Hospitals, Disease Hospital Infection Kibong’oto with Health Colleges. Thus, applicants be prepared to be arranged in the areas specified above.

ii. Applicants who will not be willing to go to the places mentioned above it is advisable not to submit an application.

iii. Attendees are not allowed to apply for these vacancies.

iv. The applicant will have to select three areas that he or she would like to be assigned a job if he is elected.

v. Applicant interested in going to teach in Health Colleges specify when to send requests to the system along with mail of prayer

Kindly DOWNLOAD and OPEN the Attached PDF FILE for more detailed information




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